pronounced oy-pock, a place for misfit web things

Smash Digits

Memory speed practice for memorized items assigned to digits 0-9


Less functional, but better looking, spreadsheet pages, with features hidden as easter eggs

Ice Yeti

WIP simple snowboarder game
(ski free mixed with ssx)

Computer Chip

doodle I was bored

Life Hours

Visual of your remaining life in hours


A lyric writing assistant. WIP


You can add comment overlays and share them with friends with this tool. WIP. Abandoned.


Lyric writing on the go. WIP


A random musical pattern generator to help inspire music writing


A daily checklist that keeps track of streaks


A random gen digital card adventure

FPV Caddy

A little app to shout out tricks you should do while you're flying with your goggles on. Most trick names were made up.


No clue why I made this. I think it was going to be a multi-task timer with paste-able clipboard screenshots


A page builder controlled by pasting text / styles from figma or somehwere else. WIP

GSP Thingy

The numbers are off now, but this tool was used to align character ranking with GSP

Sweet Word BG

Tool to create a sweet looking style of background-wallpaper of a word. If you attempt to download and you see a blank screen, just be patient. It's working in the background.